9 Virtual factory

We optimise your processes in your future factory. You avoid incorrect layouts, optimise short distances and have the best plant constellation.

Low operating costs and high added value with our support!

MORE "Form follows function!" With our experienced partners - a specialised architect's office and a lean specialist - we link reality with your imagination. Our simulations ensure that you will have optimal operating processes in the future.

Together with our renowned partner, we work out architectural solutions for new buildings and conversions of industrial facilities.

Existing architecture is measured and incorporated into the new design using the latest technology.

Future processes are simulated on the basis of determined space requirements for staff and equipment. In this way, buildings are ideally adapted to processes. You get highly functional buildings with low operating costs.

Digital twins in the pharmaceutical industry

More power together Low operating costs through sophisticated planning and simulation : the virtual factory

BIM building design

We survey the current situation of existing buildings in order to link these structures with new ideas and concepts. With our 3D simulations, various project proposals can be run through before detailed planning begins.

Sequence planning and simulation

"Form follows function": We optimise areas for plants, machines, employees and transport routes. We plan all frequent routes in such a way that travel times remain short.

We position automatic weighing stations so that you can easily control the material flow with automatic code readers.

Project management and commissioning

We organise your project from the project idea and implementation to the commissioning of the new production and laboratories. You receive the security of constructing highly functional buildings with low operating costs.

BIM sequence planning and simulation

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Contact one of our experts for a detailed consultation.

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Process validation

FDA supports advanced technology

Advanced manufacturing technologies are being adopted by both small businesses and large corporations in ways that are changing the industry and regulatory landscape. The FDA has dedicated significant effort over the past several years to establishing both research and regulatory programs for advanced manufacturing, computational modelling, and other emerging technologies