Services pharmaceutical industry

We increase your added value with

  • Technology transfers and relocation of production
  • Searching for and finding suitable CMOs and CDMOs
  • Process development in biotechnology and process optimisation
  • Digitalisation and analysis of processes and workflows
  • Optimisation of business processes


Our service packages Comprehensive special services

Outsourcing and technology transfer consulting

Technology transfer

We transfer technologies quickly and in compliance with GMP rules.
In this way, we ensure an efficient transition of processes and technologies from laboratory scale to GMP production. Our team ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and optimises processes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Outsourcing and technology transfer consulting

CMO Management and Outsourcing

We offer all outsourcing services tailored to your specific needs. From identifying suitable contract manufacturers to managing the entire outsourcing process, we streamline operations to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall productivity.

Process validation in the pharmaceutical industry

Process development and scale up

Our team uses lean tools and methods to to optimise processes, drive speed, productivity and cost savings. By identifying areas for improvement and implementing efficient strategies, we help you streamline operations, minimise waste and achieve operational excellence.
Process validation in the pharmaceutical industry

Increasing the efficiency of business processes

With our expertise, we analyse business processes and find potential for improvement together with your team. We design new, improved business processes and implement them together with you.

Advice from our experts

We offer you support in technology transfer, project management, production relocation and outsourcing
as well as quality and efficiency projects.

Advantages Exploiting partnership advantages


Customised solutions

Our services are tailored to your specific requirements and comply with GMP regulations. We understand that every project is unique and our team works closely with you
to customise solutions to your specific requirements while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Expertise for
Your project

Thanks to our extensive knowledge
and experience in the
pharmaceutical industry, we are well prepared for a broad range of
prepared for projects. Our team
of experts ensures that your project is completed with precision and
Efficiency executed, from technical adaptation to 
for process optimisation.



Together with you, we want to discover potential for improvement and implement it in a positive way. Based on a precise analysis of the initial situation, we plan the implementation and carry it out. We adapt our implementations to different mentalities and company philosophies. Together we achieve fast project times and precise implementation.

This pays off especially in our optimisations in supply chain management.


The advantage of rapid implementation

We understand the importance of speed to market in the pharmaceutical industry. Using the latest technology and our expertise, we ensure fast handovers and validations. Downtimes are short. Accelerated time to market, we succeed time and time again. Stay ahead of the competition and seize opportunities quickly.


Advanced Technologies

We invest in our developments for advanced process analysis and deep data analysis. As a result, you get processes at the cutting edge of development and are perfectly equipped for future challenges.
We analyse (technical and administrative) processes and use our simulation tools to find ways to optimise improvements before they are implemented. 

Take your pharmaceutical processes to a new level - contact us and we will help you succeed!