Products developed for our services

1 Scale up

We develop processes for pharma and biotech ("downstream development") to make manufacturing methods fit for everyday industrial use.

We support experiment design, evaluation and optimisation with our own applications and implementation tools.

2 Process

With our own system for process optimisation in production, you get fast, stable and cost-effective production processes. The implementation takes place with minimal downtime.

Our own simulation tools support fast and efficient implementation.

3 Freeze drying

We adapt your freeze-drying cycles to new equipment and implement the new parameters in your production with very few technical production runs.

Our simulations support successful implementation.

4 Polarised light

With our own development of a new visual control system, we detect production problems and solve production problems with transparent materials (blister, fill & finish).

5 Process Analytical

With new sensors and improved evaluation options with our self-developed software/applications, you increase your process quality and increase throughput and added value. We consolidate your data, process it and present it clearly. Your operating personnel can better recognise trends and react.

6 Process

We complete your implementation in production with a correct, GMP-compliant validation. We provide risk analysis, interpretation of critical parameters, validation plan including all necessary reports.

7 Methods

We handle your transfer of analytical methods within the framework of GMP requirements and your specific SOPs.

8 Quality

Our experts provide support for both GMP and ISO 9001 quality issues.

9 Simulations
Virtual factory

We support you with plant conversions, changes to the production process, conversions and new buildings with simulations of the future processes (up to a cinematic journey through the virtual building). You get BIM-based processes and a lean-oriented production flow. Here we work with a specialised architect and a renowned lean specialist.

10 Project

We support you in the planning and implementation of projects. We create careful plans with the involvement of all parties. We then turn the plans into reality and monitor their success. Our experts speak several languages and know very different company cultures. Therefore, we also successfully implement complex "multi-site" projects.
Our specialisation is technical/technological projects with regulatory / GMP requirements.