4 Polarised light -
optical inspection

We use optical inspection with polarised light directly at your production site for troubleshooting.

The entire application and evaluation was developed by us and geared towards pharmaceutical production.

MORE With our self-developed visual inspection system for polarised light, we work directly at your production site. This makes tensions, the smallest defects and heavy stresses during transport in the plant and during filling visible.

We use our inspection system (based on polarised light) directly at your production site. For initial clarification, we carry out measurements in the laboratory on failure samples.

Our system is ideally suited to detect and prevent mechanical stress on your transparent containers (blisters, vials, syringes, etc) during transport within the plant.

Polarised light; optical inspection

More power together Polarised light: Quickly rectify and eliminate production problems

Making tensions visible

We make residual stresses in the material clearly visible with polarised light.

They reliably detect problem areas in the internal transport and correct the process control in a targeted manner.

Improve runnability

We can help you troubleshoot the system with our analyses, on-site work or a loan unit.

Laboratory tests and training

We already narrow down possible causes to a very large extent through our laboratory measurements. If on-site measurements are necessary, we train your staff and are of course available at any time.

Fix problems quickly

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Process validation

The different types of polarised light (linear polarised light, circular polarised light, mixed forms) find numerous applications in chemistry, physics, materials science.
With our development now also in production and manufacturing.