5 Process Analytical Technology
PAT and AI

We make your routine data accessible for process control and combine it with raw material analytics, IPCs and output analytics to provide accurate process control for plant operators.

MORE We also build robust process controls with simple sensor data and the usual input analytics / release analytics. We take over the merging of the sensor data as well as the precise programming of the evaluation, modelling and the presentation of the data for the operators in production. Simple process analytical technology (PAT).

We support you in setting up modern process analytics. All process data are used and merged together with existing analytical data.

Batch data is modelled, classified and used for process control. You achieve low-variance processes that you operate at the optimum.

Process optimisation in the pharmaceutical industry; PAT; Process Analytical Technology; PAT

More power together Success with data and modern process control
How to get your PAT quickly.

Use data

We create process models with the data that already exists. This data often exists almost completely unused. We bring them together and develop initial, robust control mechanisms from them

Process models

We construct initial process models from laboratory data and process data. From this, we derive possible optimisation options and design a process control structure.

Transfer to production

From the historical data from the laboratory and production, intervention limits and controls are developed and simply displayed. Only this representation makes it possible to control the process in real terms. This increases process reliability and reduces fluctuations.


PAT and artificial intelligence

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PAT - A Framework for
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