1 Intelligent Scale Up
Process development

We transfer your process from the laboratory to industrial production.

  • Technical adjustments, process development
  • Process optimisation
  • Test productions up to the complete
  • Process validation.

Independent of suppliers and contract manufacturers (CMOs). Consulting and implementation.

MORE The scale-up of a new manufacturing method lays an important foundation for process development and the entire future industrial process.

A change in the scale of manufacture brings many challenges. We don't just rely on experience, but test and optimise every production on a small scale first. With the results, we simulate the implementation in the industrial environment, so we find optimal conditions even before the first test production.

You gain valuable time and are on the market faster!

Process development, scale up in the pharmaceutical industry

More power together Fast scale up with our proven procedures. Independent advice and implementation.

Design of experiments

Careful experimental design in the laboratory for the Scale up, prepares the basis for a fast implementation and a clean implementation of the regulatory requirements.

Implementation on an industrial scale

This is where the foundation for optimised production is laid. Precise optimisations with our own simulation tools find the right process windows and operating points of the plants.

Process validation and production

We verify the successful implementation of the scale-up through the necessary process validations, including detailed documentation.

Process development, scale up, process optimisation

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Process validation

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