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What our customers say:

Our project was very complicated because it connected several locations on different continents. Setting the right tone for the different mentalities was much more important than the new software!

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Project management and complex coordination

Project Management Pharma

We coordinate simple and complex ("multi-site") projects for our clients. 

We carry out projects quickly and without loss of quality. You have short project durations, thus lower costs and a quick return on investment.

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Our projects often combine Technical and regulatory issues:

  • Technology & technology transfer (adapt, improve technologies)
  • Optimise in production
  • Quality projects (Quality by Design "QbD", Process Analytical Technology "PAT", test design, validations, qualifications)
  • Short processing times in administration
  • Improve the supply chain

We optimise supply chains, develop suppliers, um/damit:

  • "Shorten "Lead Times
  • the supplier reacts quickly
  • broaden the supplier base
  • find new suppliers
  • Relocate productions

We take over technical projects like:

  • "Scale up" in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Model and simulate production steps in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Improve production processes (quality, process)
  • modelling new or modified buildings ("virtual factory")
  • simulate work processes for plants and buildings

We adapt our project management to the client. This way, no unfamiliar structures are created. We do not disrupt the company's workflow, but focus on efficient implementation.

Project organisation and project implementation are one part of the coin. The other part is the handover and the efficient application of the new methods. This change management is carefully carried out by us. We involve all people and departments. That way there is lasting success!

How do we proceed?

  • Intensive analysis of the current state and the future target state
  • Elaboration of a plan. We involve all the people involved.
  • We create the project structure and project organisation, schedule
  • Robust implementation, i.e. the project stays on track even with changing loads, new requirements and challenges
  • Handover of the project
  • we accompany the change project even after the end of the project. The team implements the tasks completely.

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