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Bio-pharma Digital Twins

Industry 4.0 3D modelling of the plants and buildings

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We offer


Technical analysis


"As built" inventory


Creation of the "Digital Twin


3D simulation for installation or conversion of new systems


Planning implementation


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 Including tenders, surveys, planning,


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Our focus

We offer you the entire processing for the expansion, conversion and optimisation of your production. 

We create the "digital twin" of your facilities and buildings based on the "as built" data. This enables us to carry out 3D simulations for plant modifications and building conversions for you (e.g. collision check of fixtures). We optimise your workflows even before the conversion. You save yourself expensive planning cycles and have a very short "lead time"!

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"Digital Twins" The digital factory

Use your production facilities efficiently through 3 D modelling!

With the real dimensions and installation situations, we simulate work processes and possible conversions or extensions. This allows you to optimise your facilities even before construction and save valuable planning time.

Optimising pharmaceutical production with Industry 4.0

Optimisation of production

A continuously optimised process delivers products of consistent, good quality and "in time". This is where the manufacturing costs are decided.

Continuous production of the pharmaceutical industry

Continuous production

In the Industry 4.0 environment, you will produce continuously and perform many measurements already on-line or in-line. For the necessary changes, we carry out the 3D simulations for you based on "as built" data.

Industry 4.0; Digital Twins;

Maintaining the value of plants and production units

The better production units are documented (incl. cable routing, air ducts, feeding airlocks), the easier, quicker and more cost-effective it is for you to plan and rebuild. We document the "as built" situation for you and carry out 3D simulations for future uses.