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Transferring a freeze-dry from one unit to another manufacturer's unit is more art than science. Everything worked out perfectly! 12 months after the start, we have successfully validated!

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Technology transfer of a freeze drying


Advice for freeze drying


Freeze-drying is an important process for preserving and formulating pharmaceutical and biotechnological active ingredients.

If an existing process is changed or transferred, the entire cycle must be modified.

We advise on the adaptation of a freeze-drying cycle or scale up.


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We analyse existing data, model the process and verify the settings before the conversion.

For them, this means: high transfer security, short project times, low overall costs.


Adaptation of a freeze drying

How do we go about it?

For the time being, we analyse all existing data and "build" a model of freeze drying from it. The model is based on the physical principles and the real data of their current plant. Consequently, our predictions and forecasts are accurate.

From the model, we obtain the settings for the new freeze-drying process. Before the step into production, these settings are verified with a small system.

This gives you a high degree of certainty that the new parameters will also work. This saves you expensive technical batches. We achieve short project runtimes with correspondingly reduced costs.


"Scale up" of a freeze drying process


The process in a small plant is already optimised. We transfer the production to an industrial plant for you. In the process, we develop a mathematical/physical model with the available data.

We already optimise the parameters to such an extent that production in the industrial plant can start with little effort.

The combination of data analysis, modelling and testing on the scaled-down model makes our predictions very robust. For them, this means: high transfer security, short project times, low costs.

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