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Scale up

The most important step in technology transfer!

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We offer


Technical analysis

Experimental design (QbD)

Optimisation on a laboratory scale

Scale up parameters


Transfer to production

Verification in production plant


 Including tendering for outsourcing partners, project management, all GMP documentation, qualifications and validations.

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Our focus

We offer you the entire processing for your production. From finding the right CMO with price negotiation, scale up, technology transfer, all GMP documents, to process validation at the manufacturer.

Scale up & technology transfer

Scale up is the first and most important step in production. Especially in the case of biopharmaceutical products, this is where the subsequent costs over the entire product life cycle are decided.

Optimisation of production

A continuously optimised process delivers products of consistent, good quality and "in time". This is where the manufacturing costs are decided.

Aseptic processes (Fill & Finish)

We are familiar with aseptic manufacturing processes often used for biopharmaceutical products: We consider freeze-drying, sterile manufacturing and filling to be the most important techniques.

Analytical methods,transfer, validation

The more precisely the raw materials, APIs and the manufacturing process are characterised, the easier it is to prove the conformity of the products to specifications and regulations. We offer you method transfer incl. validations.