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Technology transfer from the laboratory to production

Quick transfers with the latest technology

Your partner for scale up, technology transfer and outsourcing for the pharmaceutical industry & biotechnology

Eoswiss Pharma is a business unit of Eoswiss Engineering Sàrl. As a technology company based in Geneva/Switzerland, we have been specialising in the implementation of scale ups and technology transfers for outsourcing projects in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years.

We carry out complete transfers, including technological adaptations and process improvements. Our team of experts in project management, analytics, production and supply chain, operational excellence, architecture and electronics/software customises the transfer plan to your individual requirements.

We fully cover complex projects (e.g. including production optimisation with PAT, simulation of production with new parameters, 3D simulation of conversions or additions).

Scale up investigations, optimisations, simulations we support through our own laboratory 

If you only need our know-how for sub-processes, such as certain documents or validation documents, or the search for the right contract manufacturer, we will also be happy to help you with individual sub-projects.

Expertise for your project. Implementation of projects.

What we do differently

We have been transferring technologies in the pharmaceutical industry for almost a decade. We carry out technical adaptations and optimise processes. Of course, we comply with GMP rules and in the end you receive well documented, transferred processes. 

We obtain fast transfers (with a short "time to market") with the latest technologies, adapted to the specific regulations.

We already design the scale-up from the laboratory to GMP production in such a way, that you can still fall back on it in case of later changes. Whenever it makes sense, we use QbD techniques and shorten the test sequences / test productions with our simulations.

"Process Analytical Technologies" is something we are very happy to apply: improved process control and massive cost reduction potentials can be gained with it.

We can already retrieve machine data and link it with sensor data to create models. In this way, we pave the way to "Continuous Production" process for you.

Administration and production must be accelerated hand in hand, otherwise the energies invested will go to waste.

We use our proven lean tools for process optimisation, which we have adapted for our industry over the years. Typical speed & productivity improvements are around 20 - 30%.



We support you with realistic 3D simulations of your future machines and buildings: This allows you to plan building and machine conversions very efficiently and improve the workflow on your equipment train and systems. Open the door to Industry 4.0!

Technology transfer from CMO to CMO

Your partner for technology and production transfer in the pharmaceutical industry

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