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Our CAPEX project across several locations in Germany and the USA was 30 % faster than planned! We were able to expand our market share with reduced costs!

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CAPEX and investment projects

GMP investment projects ("CAPEX projects")

"Time to Market"

We manage investment projects for you, such as production expansions, installation of new plants, greenfield construction projects, brownfield construction projects.

We focus on the rapid implementation of your project. With these short project durations, you have low project costs and a high return on investment.

We adapt our project management to the very specific circumstances of our clients.

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This makes our project management flexible enough to handle the changes that occur in every project. Our focus is on short "time to market" and thus low project costs. This is the only way for projects to pay off quickly.

Only the first to get their new equipment fully up and running wins the market.

We execute projects very quickly and achieve significant time savings compared to traditional project management.

Pharmaceutical production

  • After qualification and commissioning, we also take care of the start of production.
  • Optimisation of the production parameters
  • Validation
  • Transferred to routine operation
  • Completion of transfer reports if technologies & productions have been transferred


Virtual factory, simulation of production processes

We offer virtual simulation of production processes in the future working environment. This can be projections of future plants in existing halls or complete simulations of virtual factory models.

We record existing installations with laser 3D scans and convert this data into a BIM model. This creates security for conversions and new buildings. Future processes are already tested in advance. There is no need for costly rescheduling of new facilities or buildings. We work together with a partner architectural office.

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